Almost no standard products

Most work at BTB is custom designed and built. There are almost no standard products. However, we do take pride in the products listed here. Obviously, they can be changed and adapted to your desires and needs. Please contact us with your inquiries. Of course, you may also be satisfied with the standard edition of our vacuum manipulators and wire decoilers. The details of these products are listed below.

Vacuummanipulator for Coils

Product line

BTB produces a line of vacuŁmmanipulators (VMCs) that were especially designed for handling coils. Several types are available, that are suited for handling coils with different diameters and widths:

drawing of the manipulator
VMC for coils of maximum 235 kg.
Dimensions coil: øin= 100 - 200 mm.
øout= 500 - 700 mm
VMC for coils of maximum 575 kg.
Dimensions coil: øin= 200 - 300 mm.
øout= 700 - 900 mm
VMC for coils of maximum 700 kg.
Dimensions coil: øin= 200 - 300 mm.
øout= 610 - 1150mm

All vacuummanipulators are available for different coilwidths

We are also able to design and produce vacuumanipulators (for coils, and other products) according to your specification. Please fill in the enquiry-form on the right side of the page to receive a quotation.

Working principle

The VMCs can lift coils by means of a vacuum between the coil and the vacuumplate. The vacuum is generated by means of a air supplied venturi. To operate the vacuummanipulator, all you need is compressed air of 5 6 bar and a hoist that can lift at least the same lifting capacity as the VMC. The electronics of the VMC are powered by penlite batteries.

Safety first

CE logo

As you can see, the VMCs are suitable for a weight of up to 700 kg. When handling products of such weight safety is a very important issue. During the design of the VMCs the biggest possible attention was paid to this aspect. The design complies with international standards as mentioned in European directive (98/37/CE).

The VMC comes with a vacuum sensing system that warns the user if the vacuum is insufficient to lift the coil. Also, the VMC can only be shut down by a two action control. This prevents accidental shutdown during handling, and ensures that the hands of the user are in a safe position during shutdown. Besides these electronic safety features, the VMCs have mechanical locks that hold the coil in position during handling and in case of malfunctions.


You can order a manipulator directly from BTB. Please contact us for detailed information and pricing by e-mail, by fax: +31-575-432109 or by telephone: +31-575-431229. You can also send us a mail using the form on the right hand side of this page.